People of all skill levels are welcome to attend our classes! Whether you’re a beginner, experienced, or advanced our classes are designed to be fluid and benefit everyone. Whether your goal is to get in shape, compete, self defense, have fun, or all of the above; this class is for you!

A typical class consistently works on fundamentals. Our instructors focus on proper foot work, stance, proper punching, kicking, knee strike, elbow strike, and defense techniques. Fundamentals are a key component to success for all skill levels whether it’s your first class, or thousandth. Each student is paired for the drilling portion of the class with someone close to their skill level. During combination drilling the instructor picks different striking combinations for you and your partner to drill back and forth. Everyone receives individualized attention to ensure that their focus, form, and fundamentals are developed correctly. The combinations can range from the basics, to fun and flashy! Combination drilling for the experienced and advanced participants is exciting. An advanced pairing is encouraged to expand upon each initial combination being drilled, while picking up the pace. For those who are looking to get in shape, don’t worry! The combination drilling will get your heart rate up, and leave you sweating! Drilling is the most beneficial and effective training method to building solid, practical technique should you ever look to compete or need to defend yourself. Each class chains techniques from the previous class for progression. You won’t be “lost” on your first day, but we recommend being consistent!


Class is typically concluded with optional sparring. What is sparring like? Fun! Sparring is great exercise. It’s utilized to get people moving and work on what they’ve drilled in class with a mobile opponent. Most importantly sparring is safe, and controlled (no elbows). Sparring is not a fight or a tough guy/girl contest. There are sparring options for all levels; so all can participate. There is “shadow boxing with your partner” which is no contact sparring method. There is light, controlled contact sparring with someone of your skill level range where you can exercise combinations, timing, and defense. For the advanced participants, there is advanced sparring where the pace can pick up a bit! We always encourage people to at least give sparring a shot at any level!


To participate in class you’ll need 16oz Boxing Gloves, boxing hand wraps, and athletic clothing (flexible shorts and a t-shirt). Recommended but not required are an athletic cup (for the occasional stray foot) and shin guards. For sparring, all of the aforementioned equipment is required, including a mouth guard. All of these items are available at the front desk should you need them. If you have any questions regarding equipment please don’t hesitate to ask any of the staff. We look forward to seeing you in class!