Our kids classes provide a safe, fun, and mentally enriching environment where our educators and your children develop a foundation that lasts a lifetime! In these classes the kids are taught the fundamentals of the kickboxing, wrestling, and submission grappling arts. Interwoven in the physical aspect of the classes are lessons in discipline, self respect, respect for others, responsibility, and most importantly fun!

A child does not have to be an athletic prodigy to excel and have fun in our classes. Unlike most team sports, your child’s participation isn’t based on their natural athletic ability. Instead, your child will be encouraged to interact and participate from start to finish; giving every child an opportunity to grow at their own pace. Also, martial art training is statistically safer regarding long term injury compared to most team sports. While martial arts may structurally differ from organized team sports; we are still a team! There are opportunities for kids to compete should they wish. As a group, we can attend grappling tournaments where kids can either compete or support their team mates! When competing, we strive for a fun and pressure free environment that will be an enjoyable experience for your children to test what they’ve learned.

Why not just take Karate or another form of martial art? To be honest, while we do want the kids to have fun and grow as people; we want them to learn practical applications for self defense. Whether a fan of Mixed Martial Arts or not, the sport has succeeded in teaching the world one lesson. There is no singular “way”. There is not one “art” that is superior to all others. What’s proven to be the most successful path is to have a varied toolset of practical skills blended from multiple disciplines. Like in traditional martial arts our kids are emphatically taught that their abilities are for DEFENSE only, when no other option is available. Our instructors do focus on problem solving, taking direction, increased listening skills, sitting attentively, and behavior accountability while the kids have fun doing so.

The classes are usually concluded with a live game such as dodge ball to give the kids a chance to really unwind. By now the kids have earned a good night’s rest; and hopefully a parental reprieve for you!